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Specifications: Version is a bug fixing release.
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
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Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
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Version: v1.1.0.12
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FYI: The opposite of Lazy Loading is eager loading. Website The plugin is simple & straightforward Superb – I was very fortunate to work directly with Viktor to test the plugin. For those in hurry there are couple of demo pages: , and . Parse image tags in the database Be lazy instead 😉 Some of you might this solution interesting: No data-src attribute, just wrapped img tags.

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I am now using Googles Lighthouse and they advised me to lazy load. This is a problem when there’s same avatar -images in the new patch of posts, for example.

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I have several websites with lots of imagery but they all use a CMS and I don’t want to re-enter 5 years worth of images that were entered through WYSIWYG content. Subscriber portal Updated: October 23, 2016 Entity Framework supports three ways to load related data – eager loading, lazy loading and explicit loading. Only the first image in the slider is visible Showing the next image works by pushing a button (javascript event). So, let’s learn how to do it and some of the concepts/terminology behind it. To include the of LazyLoad, use the following script: The best thing you can do is to conditionally load the best version of LazyLoad depending on the browser’s support of the IntersectionObserver API.

LazyLoad yes License GPL (> = 2) (2014)

Similarly, our other routing definitions are also empty: The full picture of the AppModule routing definitions: This means at any moment in time, we can “move” an entire module under a new route path and everything will work as intended to, which is great! This plugin is made by Daniel ” Kern and is 100% FREE under and / or license. Using lazy-loading the rest of the information will be fetched only if it is needed.

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Try to use a most exact jQuery selector as possible for better performance. The 5 solutions we just covered provides you with a stepping stone of increasingly feature rich, plug-and-play lazy loading solutions to cover all the basis. SetTimeout(function(){ bLazy.Revalidate(); }, 500); Same issue here, did you find a solution?

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For me in Chrome only sometimes blazy doesn’t trigger, in particular on page reload. Or have a timed delay, once 1 image loads then the next one loads a certain amount of time later? I don’t know if this is a Chrome bug or a B-lazy bug. This will not only increase the page loading speed, … jQuery plugin to react on elements entering or nearing the visible area. If I scroll to the slider, the first image is loaded perfectly, but after pushing the next button, the next image is not loaded untill I scroll upwards or downwards a little (guess that triggers it).

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You can either use the same class for both containers or pass a comma separated string to the container option That worked perfectly. You can check out the published on Sep 26, 2017.  › © 2018 ★ ★ ★ ★ Made in the USA After that completed cleanly, I received the following error (similar to the previous) I am running R version 3.2.1 with RStudio 0.99.842 on a Windows 7 platform. Absolutely anyone is welcome to submit a comment here.