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Voltage Drop Calculator

6 conductor that supplies a 44 ampere, 240 volt, single-phase load located 160 feet from the panelboard, Figure 6? (A) 4.25 volts               (b) 6.9 volts                 (c) 3 percent                (d) 5 percent Answer: (b) 6.9 volts VD = 2 x K x I x D/CM K = 12.9 ohms, Copper I = 44 amperes D = 160 feet CM = No. Please include the checklist for installation of electrical items (DBs/ Panels / Transformers / DG/ ACB etc) It’s really very helpful , thanks a ton!!!!

How to Calculate Voltage Drop

But sir i cannot edit the “total electrical load” cell… plz help Any spead sheet which we downloads from this website ask for password , You replied we need to purchase the same , so tell me wats the price n wats is the procedure to do the same Dear sir, Please help me sir i am not able to download the Excel sheet details like voltage drop calculation, elrctrical formulad etc., Everything is available for free download, I don’t see any problem 😉 Its awesome. This is the maximum we can get and adding LEDs will reduce it. F Guide to Debouncing Open collector circuits are solid state switch that does not need to be “debounced” as a mechanical switch would require. Note: the voltage drop calculation should be taken after we get the 125% safety factor provided by the NEC. Having these spreadsheet handy for a rough estimate saves time a lot.


It can be easily configured and installed by all types of users, regardless of their experience level. I frequently have revit show lengths of wire that exceed the length of the building I am working in.

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The maximum total voltage drop when combining both the branch circuit and feeder shouldn’t exceed 5% [210-19(a) FPN No. Front-End Web development is not even a language; it’s an area, just like distribution systems engineering. Vdrop = IR where: I : the current through the object, measured in amperes R : the resistance of the wires, measured in ohms When electrical current moves through a wire it must surpass a certain level of contrary pressure.

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A certain pressure is required to overcome the spring. I have a circuit powered by 9V battery, I’m using two 2V LEDs.

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PVC conduit aluminum conduit steel conduit no conduit select parallel runs… If the current is direct, the pressure is called resistance. Methodology and Assumptions The calculation assumes uncoated copper or aluminum conductors operating at the temperature selected and is based on the ac resistance or impedance from NEC 2005 Table 9 for stranded conductors at 75C operating on an AC 60Hz system. Copper conductor aluminum conductor select conductor temperature… School Video Security Protect students, faculty, buildings and property.

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Again, I strongly advise that you stop using a battery in the fashion that you have described. For Figure 2b the actual current will be $ frac {9-3.3}{10k} = 0.57~mA $.

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However for voltage drop considerations, only one No. Im very glad tha you post this helpful and very usefull computation great content for electrical engineers, please remove the protection for the files, we want to utilize it good information All the excel sheets are password protected.

Allowable amperage of single conductors rated 105C

12 wire for the same circuit, you could run it 244 ft. Required 132 KV transmission losses calculations This is a wonderful and very helpful thing that you have done.

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YOU GUY(S) ARE GOD-SENT,YOU ARE A BLESSING TO THE UNIVERSE.MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD GRAND U FAVOUR IN UR ENDEVOURS TOO. If you had the two LEDs in parallel, you know their forward voltages in parallel are “the same”(this is not actually true, it’s based on manfacturing tolerance, temperature, etc), so you say the voltage at the node is 1.65V.


It informs when it may be beneficial to increase wire size above the minimum required by code. . In fact, as forward current increases, their forward voltage does too. Branch Circuits – This FPN recommends that branch circuit conductors be sized to prevent a maximum voltage drop of 3%. Is it possible to provide me the password to modify the excel file. For other single phase systems select the line-to-neutral voltage.