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Developer: Activision
Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000, DirectX Drivers
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 95/98/Me/2000
Price: Free
License: Free to try
Version: v1.0
Downloads: 5444
Rating: 4.3 / Views: 1634
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Downloads (129 ) The Resistance: Final Line Download Titan GS Java (JTGS) turn based strategy game based on the Star Trek universe. In Armada II, you don’t have a need to research and develop new ships; they just appear as you progress. Star Trek fans of all ages will enjoy decorating their Mac OS or Windows Vista desktop with icons such as. … If this causes the player to equal or exceed their officer cap then they will need to decommission ships or stations to be able to build additional units.

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So I like steak and potatoes, I also like Lucky Charms and apple pie… But this actually carries over decently from a strictly gameplay standpoint when basis and license are not taken into consideration. This highly detailed set of desktop icons is based on objects and vessels from the new movie from producer J.J. Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Demo gives you the opportunity to enjoy such an interesting game in which Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force is the ultimate, sci-fi first-person shooter using the Quake III Arena(TM) engine.The first game based on Star. …

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There are 8 different research labs for the basic research center, and they all have to be built in order, i.E.: Lab 1, then lab 2, then lab 3 etc� All research is dependent on the previous research. You will be able to play as either the Federation or the Borg in both Instant Action and Multiplayer games. You should now see the entire map, as well as eliminate the fog of war which will allow you to always see what’s happening. Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. © 2000 Activision, Inc.

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While single-player mode makes for a really good game, Armada II shines in multiplayer and instant action modes. I.E.: Some ships are designated minesweepers, and will not be damaged in mine fields like other ships would be, Some planes are bombers, some are fighters, some are interceptors etc� so bombers will not fare well against fighters but will devastate buildings and ships. A small hotfix to fix a bug with wormholes, a particular type of Dilithium Moon, and some maps that were rendered unplayable in the recent patch. Downloads (362 ) Terminal Manager Download Portation of Colony7 for EF2. Activision opens a new online site for its upcoming space-combat strategy game.

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Please backup the files before editing If you want your Sensor Arrays to view the entire map, as well as eliminating any ‘fog of war’, do the following: -Look for a file called, ‘fsensor.Odf’ in the odfstations folder wherever you installed Armada 2 (default is C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek Armada IIodfstations). -Open the file (if Windows asks, use notepad). -Scroll down to about the 36th line. The Forums are full of people who can help with any technical issues and I also visit those forums on a regular basis to answer questions and make announcements about the mod. Model Texturing and Texture Making: Westworld Paal_101 Additional 2D ART: Quevey – Buttons The Great One – Splash Screens And Banners ChYuChen – High Res Wireframes Westworld – Everything someone else didn’t make. You should run Star Trek: Armada™ as a stand-alone application. *** Ctrl-Alt-Del locks up my system.

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Instead, select QUIT from the main menu to exit the game. If that were ever to happen, I would definitely buy!

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It should say something like rangeScan = . -Change the value to about 32000.0f -Save the file (if you get an error, right click on fsensor.Odf using windows explorer and uncheck the box that says ‘read-only’ and click apply). -Start the game as the Federation and build a Sensor Array. First, the single-player game provides a story and overall goal.